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Moshe-Zuckermann-DSCN0058Wie der Zionismus seinen Untergang betreibt

Gespräch mit MOSHE ZUCKERMANN, 01. Dezember 2014 -

Der Historiker Moshe Zuckermann hat mit seiner jüngsten Veröffentlichung Israels Schicksal eine tiefgreifende kritische Analyse der Staatsideologie Israels vorgelegt. Er kommt zu dem Ergebnis, „dass der Zionismus selbst nicht an die Zukunft seines eigenen Projekts glaubt“. Hintergrund-Redakteurin Susann Witt-Stahl sprach mit dem Autor über seine These, ihre historischen und politischen Grundlagen, Begründungen und die bitteren Konsequenzen.

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Journalist Gideon Levy is arguably the most hated man in Israel for his reports on the occupied Palestinian territories.


Al Jazeera World Last Modified: 12 Feb 2013 19:10  /  Filmmaker: Bilal Yousef

Gideon Levy is someone who evokes strong emotions from fellow Israelis.

The writer and journalist has made weekly visits, over the past three decades, to the occupied Palestinian territories, describing what he sees - plainly and without propaganda.

For some Israelis, he is seen as a brave disseminator of the truth. But many others condemn him as a propagandist for Hamas. And his columns for the Tel Aviv-based Haaretz newspaper have made him, arguably, one of the most hated men in Israel.    >>> Text und Video auf Al Jazeera

Palestinians react with indifference

Until discovery of bodies, many believed no abduction had occurred, since such an act would undermine so many Palestinian successes.

Haaretz  By | Jul. 2, 2014 | 2:41 AM

The abduction and murder of three West Bank yeshiva students is viewed by the Palestinian public as just another incident in a routine of violence for which Israel bears primary responsibility. It didn’t spark opposition and protest, but neither did it spark support and calls for “more.”

Two weeks under an Israeli military steamroller that harmed thousands of Palestinian families with no connection to the kidnapping killed even the natural tendency to feel compassion and identification on an individual level. And that’s aside from the basic fact that Palestinians see that Israelis in particular, and the world in general, discriminate when it comes to violence.   >>> ganzer Artikel