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Gaza Flottilla 2018Violence of attack on "Al Awda"

Events from 29 July when the Israeli Navy stormed the Freedom Flotilla al-Awda hijacked and diverted it from its intended course to Gaza to Israel.

By Dr Swee Ang, medical doctor on board the al-Awda

"Freedom" boat headed for Gaza has been intercepted.

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The second Freedom Flotilla ship (in this week) and its crew are now under attack by Israeli Navy (Aka pirates):

Violence of attack on Al-Awda ship clearer; hunger strike; freedom coming

Tasered, beaten, handcuffed but Mike Treen says ‘I would do it all again’

Seized Gaza ship captain accuses Israel of breaking intl law

Israel Begins Deporting Detained Freedom Flotilla Activists: The
deportations came two days after activists were detained following an
attack by Israeli naval forces on the ship in international waters.

FREEDOM FLOTILLA. Deportati equipaggio e passeggeri della Al Awda
Quasi due settimane fa la Freedom Flotilla è salpata con un ‎peschereccio e
uno yatch: Al Awda, ‎partito dalla Norvegia, e Freedom ‎dalla Svezia.‎
Israele ha già bloccato la Al Awda e farà altrettanto con la Freedom

Yonatan Shapira wrote about the takeover of Al-Awda ship (he was on it):

So just as the IDF Spokesperson said: "The overtaking of the Al-Awda ship was carried out without violence and without exceptional events".  And indeed, everything was as usual -

They slammed Herman the captain's head against the wall again and again, while threatening to take him to the ship's belly and finish him off when no one is watching.  

A fist in the face of Arne Birge the old mechanic. And the finest tradition: Electric shocks. This time we wore life vests of the type that covers the chest well.

But don't worry, the brave naval commando combatants just tasered Charlie, the first officer, in his head.

And more electric shocks to Juergen the cook and to 60 year old Mike, a chair of a trade union and a human rights activist from New Zealand.  

But at the same time, things were done with a kind of psychotic tenderness. Like in a strange play, soldiers (men and women) with weapons and vests packed with munitions and personal cameras, but wearing white shirts with the national flag embroidered in a shiny blue color with wearing white masks on their faces. Last time it was all-black.  

And let's keep in mind:

Had we been Gazan fishermen or children approaching the Gaza fence, they could have simply put a bullet in the head of each of us and that's it.

The IDF Attorney unit has also confirmed that that there's no need for an investigation.