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Transcript for PLO's Hanan Ashrawi: 'Deliberate Massacre' in Gaza

[This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.]

Well this morning that it's nothing short. And massacre. A deliberate massacre.

What kinds -- today but now there's -- deliberate it. Shelling and bombing and destruction of -- areas. Of residential yes I'm not gonna do they sent people whose homes and and condemning -- -- about.

As that leaving us that running a way that being sent -- bombed and can. As the the if any ambulance tax to get -- to get the people ambulances themselves being. Mother comparison are not being targeted.

These are what crimes being committed before the whole who have different guise of the homework. And scientists can't understand how people who sit back and cities have defense. I just can't.

Take -- language I can't take the B propaganda I can't take them on that it is and has an -- defend itself against told. Against innocent civilians. Against the more than -- What makes it even smaller unconscionable won't benefit.

Is that fact that they being blamed for that on that is that there's a deliberate systematic campaign to blame the victims. Instead of trying to cope and deal with the situation and and this that's. People not giving president Israeli occupation there's an amenity.

Much time on MySpace to the Havoc to kimono innocent civilians. To destroy lives. -- -- -- Mourn this fed -- violence do you believe that this is the -- opted to group is -- this.

I'm saying that is deliberately disproportionate. Responses. But I don't see is and that's responding to the Palestinians.

Let's put things in context it's very disingenuous. To say that no nation would accept. Being.

Signed by rockets are rockets streaming and this is self defense. It's out -- -- around it's exactly that they ran out. Known nation can accept being imprisoned being besieged by land by by -- seat.

And being stopped and and that I've -- the most basic requirements of a decent life freedom of movement. Clean water 90% of militant in Gaza is not fit -- thinking. They don't have -- because supplies for seven years they have been not just on that is an occupation but under -- Billiton.

And leave them as bases. And then you come in and -- them a -- bomb them and you destroyed homes it destroyed whole neighborhoods. You a blip today and I and -- -- Families.

And then -- -- and say this is self defense. And on Mason on passively accept. Having these rockets nomination -- Tenet accepted -- keep him.

-- not just business but -- helpless defenseless kind of father this is unacceptable and president. Is deliberately destroying lives that this deliberately targeting Palestinian civilians. And did the family of of -- team that was totally annihilate -- read these -- she eats.

Wet and that owned homes that kids who -- playing soccer on the beach where they human shoots. That the families that -- to start -- -- -- grandma and damn hot headed us. I'm a mom and that candidates and baby candidates and baby sister and baby about it -- What do people like that Saudi Arabia -- us Saudi in this is as -- -- -- defense.

This is to -- and family inhuman and cruel is about next. He's in court. -- -- -- -- -- Look there's no human being who come out yet that this.

Unless you'd lose their last vestiges of humanity. You cannot. -- -- It has to stop.

And mr. Obama and the kindness and everybody have to know that these are human beings. -- abused children.

I'm a mother -- and a -- I cannot I cannot -- to -- torn limbs. I cannot see economic got to -- Grown men break down and and sought. I cannot see people a -- nation in the state of drama.

These are all human beings. And that being abstracted. And that being anonymously sent.

By the strongest army in the region. And they the offense that. There are hemmed in by land by sea by.

And then at the expected -- kindness as they were out what you expect. What do you expect and that's supposed to lie down and back quietly and then respond in any way. Then there -- not -- -- -- candidates but that legitimate projects that dehumanize and demonize.

And then being can. In reference to that you have threatened to bring forward the application. -- application.

For Palestine to -- means -- could. Yes -- doing that yes. We have taken a decision