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From “The River Room”, text by Hamza Badran

Hamza Badran, If you Force it, it is no Dream , 2024, 1000  posters 100x70 cm each, ed. unique

 “The River Room Herzl impresses with the unique charm of its furnishings.

To this day, this simple and fascinating room with a view of the Rhine provides inspiration and peace (approx. 22 m2)."

Description of the River Room Herzl on the website of Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel

"The bed was also very comfortable; there was a sky painted on the ceiling that you see when you lie in bed; it gave me a Sistine Chapel feeling and another bronze portrait of Herzl hung on the wall of the room. Unfortunately, the room did not meet my high expectations, and I did not manage to have any dreams when I slept in that bed that night."